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Soundgarden - Live From The Artists Den


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1A. Incessant Mace
2A. My Wave
3A. Been Way Too Long
1B. Worse Dreams
2B. Jesus Christ Pose
3B. Flower
4B. Taree
1C. Spoonman
2C. By Crooked Steps
3C. Blind Dogs
4C. Rowing
1D. Non-State Actor
2D. Drawing Flies
3D. Hunted Down
4D. Black Saturday
5D. Bones Of Birds
1E. Blow Up The Outside World
2E. Fell On Black Days
3E. Burden In My Hand
1F. A Thousand Days Before
2F. Blood On The Valley Floor
3F. Rusty Cage
4F. New Damage
1G. 4th Of July
2G. Outshined
3G. Black Hole Sun
1H. Ty Cobb
2H. Slave & Bulldozers
3H. Feedbacchanal