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Stone Sour - Stone Sour


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A1. Get Inside
A2. Orchids
A3. Cold Reader
A4. Blotter
A5. Choose
A6. Monolith
B1. Inhale
B2. Bother
B3. Blue Study
B4. Take A Number
B5. Idle Hands
B6. Tumult
B7. Omega
. Live At The House Of Bricks - December 7, 2002
CD-1. Intro (Superego)
CD-2. Get Inside
CD-3. Orchids
CD-4. The Wicked
CD-5. Idle Hands
CD-6. Choose
CD-7. Rules Of Evidence
CD-8. Inhale
CD-9. Blue Study
CD-10. Cold Reader
CD-11. Blotter
CD-12. Monolith