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Tweedy - Sukierae


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A1. Please Don't Let Me Be So Understood
A2. High As Hello
A3. World Away
A4. Diamond Light Pt. 1
A5. Wait For Love

B1. Low Key
B2. Pigeons
B3. Slow Love
B4. Nobody Dies Anymore
B5. I'll Sing It

C1. Flowering
C2. Desert Bell
C3. Summer Noon
C4. Honey Combed
C5. New Moon

D1. Down From Above
D2. Where My Love
D3. Fake Fur Coat
D4. Hazel
D5. I'll Never Know

CD-1. Please Don't Let Me Be So Understood
CD-2. High As Hello
CD-3. World Away
CD-4. Diamond Light Pt. 1
CD-5. Wait For Love
CD-6. Low Key
CD-7. Pigeons
CD-8. Slow Love
CD-9. Nobody Dies Anymore
CD-10. I'll Sing It
CD-11. Flowering
CD-12. Desert Bell
CD-13. Summer Noon
CD-14. Honey Combed
CD-15. New Moon
CD-16. Down From Above
CD-17. Where My Love
CD-18. Fake Fur Coat
CD-19. Hazel
CD-20. I'll Never Know