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Superorganism return with their second album World Wide Pop, their first new music since 2018"s self-titled debut. Blasting back with thirteen tracks that explore the infinite versus the intimate, taking in friendship, time, connectedness, and the universe; World Wide Pop contemplates the contradiction of being hopeful and curious when faced with relentless consumerism and overwhelming noise. However choosing optimism, Superorganism believe in the power of pop music and all the things it can do. World Wide Pop bridges the personal and existential whilst delivering a bag full of tunes laced with deadpan humor. World Wide Pop also brings in an international set of collaborators including Stephen Malkmus, CHAI, Pi Ja Ma, Dylan Cartlidge & legendary musician and actor Gen Hoshino.

This is the band’s first new music since their 2018 self-titled debut. Superorganism recruited a number of heavy-hitting collaborators for the 13-track record, including Stephen Malkmus, Chai, Pi Ja Ma, Dylan Cartlidge, and Gen Hoshino.

“Teenager” celebrates the raw passion of those formative years, and the band tapped former tour mates Chai and Pi Ja Ma for support on the track. It was produced by Stuart Price (Madonna, The Killers), and its AEVA-directed video features actor and comedian Brian Jordan Alvarez.

1. Black Hole Baby
2. World Wide Pop
3. On & On
4. Teenager (feat. CHAI & Pi Ja Ma)
5. It’s Raining (feat. Stephen Malkmus & Dylan Cartlidge)
6. Flying
7. Solar System (feat. CHAI & Boa Constrictors)
8. Into The Sun (feat. Gen Hoshino, Stephen Malkmus & Pi Ja Ma)
9. Put Down Your Phone
11. Oh Come On
12. Don’t Let The Colony Collapse
13. Everything Falls Apart