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The Bevis Frond - What Did for the Dinosaurs (2xLP)


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Two Years since Valedictory Songs and Nick was back in Gold Dust Studios with a full band. The Bevis Frond sound really progressed on this album, with more complex structures and instrumentation. The trademark Bevis sound is still very much apparent with great songwriting and choice guitar licks. The vitriol is back with the title track, but the mood is far more upbeat. There are distinct new avenues being trod here, with Yo-De-Lo, Nursery Rhyme and the almost Prog Dustbins in the Rain. Elsewhere, there's the punky Inhibition Twist and Breathe Out, the keyboard led Courtrai and the acoustic foilky ballad of Lost Souls Day, and some great female vocals by Nick's daughter Debbie. This album is full of ideas and the production is probably the best on any Bevis album so far.

- A -
What Did For The Dinosaurs 8:24
The Wrong Side 3:40
Return Of The Stylites 3:27
The Real Deal 2:40
- B -
Our Number 3:41
Splitting Clingfilm 3:17
Silver Dart 3:09
Yo-De-Lo 5:45
Hold Me Up 3:25
- C -
Breathe Out 2:49
Lost Soul's Day 3:36
Candles 5:17
Courtrai 1:51
Nursery Rhyme 2:30
Good Enough For You 5:06
- D -
Down To Earth 3:33
The Inhibition Twist 1:52
Dustbins In The Rain 13:38