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The Chills - Soft Bomb


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Originally released in 1992, The Chills’ third album ‘Soft Bomb’ came out on Slash/Warners.

“’Soft Bomb’ was The Chills' finest hour.” Perfect Sound Forever

Featuring contributions from giants of contemporary American music like Van Dyke Parks and ex dB's Peter Holsapple as collaborators.

A cohesive song cycle that brought together indie pop jangle, Phillipps’ clever lyrics, a “drunken piece of music hall” (AllMusic), an offbeat homage to Randy Newman, filmic string-laden scores, some grown up licks and three thematic interludes.

- Side One -

"The Male Monster from the Id"
"Background Affair"
"Ocean Ocean"
"Soft Bomb"
"there is no harm in trying"
"Strange Case"
"Soft Bomb II"
"So Long"
"Song for Randy Newman etc."

- Side Two -

"Sleeping Giants"
"Double Summer"
"Halo Fading"
"there is no point in trying"
"Water Wolves"
"Soft Bomb III"