The Lemon Twigs - Everything Harmony (Clear Vinyl)

The Lemon Twigs - Everything Harmony (Clear Vinyl)


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Clear (Color Vinyl). New York duo The Lemon Twigs return with their first new release since 2020's 'Songs For The General Public'. On 'Everything Harmony', their fourth full-length studio release, the prodigiously talented brothers Brian and Michael D'Addario offer 13 original servings of beauty that showcase an emotional depth and musical sophistication far beyond their years as a band, let alone as young men.

  • 1 When Winter Comes Around
  • 2 In My Head
  • 3 Corner of My Eye
  • 4 Any Time of Day
  • 5 What You Were Doing
  • 6 I Don't Belong to Me
  • 7 Every Day Is the Worst Day of My Life
  • 8 What Happens to a Heart
  • 9 Still It's Not Enough
  • 10 Born to Be Lonely
  • 11 Ghost Run Free
  • 12 Everything Harmony
  • 13 New to Me