The Mullens - Get What You Deserve

The Mullens - Get What You Deserve


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The Mullens return with 10 new garage punk rockers on their new release, “Get What You Deserve”. Fans of their early singles and their full length releases on Get Hip Recordings will not be disappointed. The Mullens still deliver premium Texas garage rock.

All songs on the new release were recorded at Cloudland Studio in Ft. Worth, TX by Joe Tacke, owner of Cloudland Studio and bassist for Ft. Worth garage rockers, Mean Moto Scooter.

From the blistering garage fuzzed opening track, “What You Deserve” to the final track, “No More To Talk About”, The Mullens prove again why they are Texas garage punk legends.

  1. What You Deserve 
  2. Heard It From Kandi
  3. Lonely Wolf
  4. When I Make My Stand
  5. Glad You're Mine
  6. Feel So Bad
  7. Bad Bad Man
  8. When You Cry
  9. Always on Your Side
  10. No More To Talk About