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Giant Sand - The Sun Set Vol 1


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. Ballad Of A Thin Line Man
A1. Thin Line Man
A2. All Along The Watchtower
A3. Graveyard
A4. Body Of Water
A5. Last Legs
B1. You Can't Put Your Arms Around A Memory
B2. A Hard Man To Get To Know
B3. Who Am I
B4. The Chill Outside
B5. Desperate Man
. Blurry Blue Mountain
C1. Fields Of Green
C2. Chunk Of Coal
C3. The Last One
C4. Monk's Mountain
C5. Spellbound
C6. Ride The Rail
C7. Lucky Star Love
D1. Thin Line Man
D2. No Tellin'
D3. Brand New Swamp Thing
D4. Erosion
D5. Time Flies
D6. Better Man Than Me
D7. Love A Loser
. Center Of The Universe
E1. Seeded ('Tween Bone And Bark)
E2. Pathfinder
E3. Center Of The Universe
E4. Off Ramp Man
E5. Year Of The Dog
E6. Live To Tell
E7. Thrust
F1. Loretta And The Insect World
F2. Sonic Drive In
F3. Milkshake Girl
F4. Stuck
F5. Thing Like That
F6. Return To Fodder
F7. Unwed And Well Sped
F8. Solomon's Ride
. Chore Of Enchantment
G1. Overture
G2. (Well) Dusted (For The Millenium)
G3. Punishing Sun
G4. X-tra Wide
G5. 1972
G6. Temptation Of Egg
G7. Raw
H1. Wolfy
H2. Shiver
H3. Dirty From The Rain
H4. Astonished (In Memphis)
H5. No Reply
I1. Satellite
I2. Bottom Line Man
I3. Way To End The Day
I4. Shrine
J1. Astonished (In Tucson)
J2. Dusted (In Tucson)
J3. Shiver (In Tucson)
J4. Punishing Sun (In Tucson)
J5. Bad (Not Good)
. Glum
K1. Glum
K2. Yer Ropes
K3. Happenstance
K4. Frontage Road
K5. Painted Bird
L1. 1 Helvakowboy Song
L2. Spun
L3. Left
L4. Faithful
L5. Bird Song
L6. I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry
. Goods And Services
M1. Back To The Grey
M2. Opus - Solomon's Ride - Opus
N1. Good And Gone
N2. Bender
N3. Welcome To My World
O1. Occupied
O2. Warm Storm
P1. You're So Vain
P2. Surfin' Lean
P3. Trickle Down System