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Soul Asylum - The Twin/Tone Years


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. Say What You Will... Everything Can Happen
A1. Long Day
A2. Voodoo Doll
A3. Money Talks
A4. Stranger
A5. Sick Of That Song
B1. Walking
B2. Happy
B3. Black And Blue
B4. Religiavision
. Made To Be Broken
C1. Tied To The Tracks
C2. Ship Of Fools
C3. Can't Go Back
C4. Another World, Another Day
C5. Made To Be Broken
C6. Never Really Been
D1. Whoa!
D2. New Feelings
D3. Growing Pain
D4. Lone Rider
D5. Ain't That Tough
D6. Don't It (Make Your Troubles Seem Small)
. While You Were Out
E1. Freaks
E2. Carry On
E3. No Man's Land
E4. The Judge
E5. Sun Don't Shine
F1. Closer To The Stars
F2. Never Too Soon
F3. Miracle Mile
F4. Lap Of Luxury
F5. Passing Sad Daydream
. Clam Dip & Other Delights
G1. Just Plain Evil
G2. Chains
G3. Secret No More
G4. Move Over
G5. P-9
G6. Juke Box Hero
H1. Artificial Heart
H2. Take It To The Root
H3. Saving Grace
H4. Forever And A Day
H5. There It Goes
H6. Artificial Heart (Demo)
. Twin/Tone Extras
I1. Black And Blue (Demo)
I2. Cocktails (Demo)
I3. Propaganda
I4. Bad Moon Rising
I5. Happy
I6 . Long Way Home
I7. Another World, Another Day (Alternate Version)
I8. Swingin'
J1. Can't Go Back (Alternate Version)
J2. Catch Me If You Can
J3. Song Of The Terrorist
J4. To Go There
J5. Twenty Year Itch
J6. Lost In Your Face
J7. Ramblin' Rose