Ty Segall - Whirlybird (Original Picture Soundtrack)

Ty Segall - Whirlybird (Original Picture Soundtrack)


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Ty Segall meets a new non-rock challenge head-on; soundtrack music for the documentary film Whirlybird. A variety of synth sounds, electric keyboards, drums, percussion and saxophone (and yeah, a few guitars) form a shifting impressionist counterpart, instrumental music that dialogues with and serves to frame the film's compulsive themes and images.

1. Whirlybird
2. First Date
3. Los Angeles News Service
4. Getting The Story
5. Sky Duo
6. Lawrence Welk III
7. First Pursuit

8. 1992 
9. High
10. News Junkies
11. Story of the Century
12. Whirly Suite
13. Last Flight