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Various Artists - Behind The Dykes 2: More Beat, Blues And Psychedelic Nuggets From The Lowlands 1966-1971 (2LP)


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Behind The Dykes 2 - More Beat, Blues And Psychedelic Nuggets From The Lowlands 1966 - 1971 is the follow-up to the hugely successful first edition, released for RSD Drops 2020. It was picked up and released by many RSD territories, resulting in social media posts from Amsterdam and London to Nashville, Canada, Massachusetts, Sweden, Ohio, Boston, Illinois, Bratislava, Los Angeles, Portugal, Australia and many more, all using the hashtag #behindthedykes. Besides that, the album was No.1 in the Dutch compilation chart the week after its release, making it the best selling RSD release of Drop 2. And that same week it entered the US Billboard compilation chart at #5, after being tipped by Rolling Stone magazine as one of their favorite RSD 2020 releases to look out for. So more than enough reasons for a second volume, to be released on RSD 2021. The concept is the same: Much sought-after Dutch beat and psych rarities on a colored vinyl double LP, with amazing artwork, track-by-track liner notes and band photos. All songs on Volume 2 have been newly transferred and remastered from the original master tapes, some in their original mono versions, including two newly unearthed, previously unreleased gems.
Side A
1. The Mods – Moef Ga Ga
2. The Zipps – Kicks And Chicks (*)
3. Ro-d-ys – You Better Take Care Of Yourself
4. The Skope – Be Mine Again
5. Q’65 – The Life (*)
6. The Sound Magics – Don’t You Remember (*)
7. The Sharons – I Can’t Leave
8. Hu & The Hilltops – Cry Me A River (*)
9. The Shane – Lady Bountyful (*)
10. The Coopers – Didn’t I

Side B
1. Attention! – I Must Go On Without You
2. The Teckels – Mabel (*)
3. Groep 1850 – I Want More
4. Crash - Last Week
5. Mike Tingley – A Real Fine Time
6. The Torerors – Come
7. Zen – Please Accept My Invitation
8. Test – I Walk Through The Gates
9. Schlagergezelschap De Hyacinth – We Were As Happy As My Uncle Ray
10. The Dream – Can I Ask You One More Question (*)

Side C
1. Brainbox – Down Man
2. The Human Orchestra – The Silly One
3. The First Move – Gingerbread Man
4. Opus – Baby, Come On
5. The Playboys – Snoopy
6. Cuby + Blizzards – Appleknockers Flophouse
7. Moby Dick – Clear Days
8. Blue Planet – I’m Going Man, I’m Going

Side D
1. Pugh’s Place – Nothing Is Real Here
2. Sense Of Humor – Secret Thought
3. Turquoise – The Daughter Of Johnny Ray
4. World – World, World, Carry On
5. Aros – Indian Girl
6. Pineapple – The Letter
7. Rainman – Money Means Nothing At All
8. Panda – Stranger
9. Cosmic Dealer – Head In The Clouds
(*) denotes Mono tracks