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Half Japanese - Volume Three: 1990-1995


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. We Are Those Who Ache With Amorous Love (1990)
a1. Every Hour
a2. Elevator Boy
a3. Gloria
a4. Ear
a5. The Titanic
a6. Our Eyes
a7. Spin
a8. Up And Down
b1. All Of Me
b2. Hand Without A Body
b3. Going Home
b4. Three Rings
b5. How Did You Know?
b6. Then We Walk
b7. Secret
b8. Best
b9. The House I Live In
b10. Shanty Town
b11. Run
. Fire In The Sky (1992)
a1. UFO Expert
a2. Tears Stupid Tears
a3. Eye Of The Hurricane
a4. This Could Be The Night
a5. Possum Head
a6. It's A Clear Night
a7. Frosty
a8. Turn Your Life Around
b1. I Love A Mystery
b2. 12 Houses
b3. Hangar 18
b4. Magic Kingdom
b5. It's No Wonder
b6. Fire In The Sky
b7. Good Luck
b8. Gates Of Glory
. Hot (1995)
a1. Drum Straight
a2. True Believers
a3. Well
a4. Dark Night
a5. Part Of My Plan
a6 . Vampire
a7. Lucky Ones
b1. Vast Continent
b2. Guess Again
b3. Black Fruit
b4. Sleep Talk
b5. Smile
b6. Lucky Town